Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making of Zoozoo (Story Boards)


  1. I dunno... what I head is really crazy stuff... Are you a mallu(keralite) or any of ur team members are mallus.

    I come the best cuisine of Kerala got place in ZooZoo Add.

    I am talking abt the Roaming add which you made.. one of the best.. roaming around pyramids, eiffal tower n stuffs, I laughed a lot. But one night I was surfing ur, I was caught my words during the roaming comercial like
    POROTTA, PUTTUM KADALA, KAPPA MEENU.. few of the best Kerala cuisines.

    Is that accidental or another wonder of geniosity.

    Any way, i got a topic to add to my blog on the davinci code stuff in ur comercial abt mallu cuisines.

    good work.. keep going.

  2. its the nuances of the faces they make made them most adorable. loads of appreciation for all the brains that worked behind every single frame.

  3. sir we are waiting for your cinema...... ad fillim ennu kelkumbol thanne manasilekku zoozoo chadi varunnu your rocking....zoozuvinte valare sukshmamayabhavangal its fantastic...iniyum ithu pole valare rasakaramaaya parasyangal nirvanaku labhikette ennu ashamsikkunnu

  4. Zoozoo is the Commercial star,
    but behind the ZooZoo Super star
    Supe !dea Rajiv j! & Varma j!